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Six Steps to Project Success

Every project has different success factors, but there are a number of steps – applicable to almost any project – that you can take to help ensure project success. In previous blog posts we’ve discussed, in various levels of detail, a number of fundamental principles around project management. Blogs on the project management triangle and […]

The Five Stages of a Project

In our previous blog posts we explained what project management is and why it’s important, and we introduced the concept of the project management triangle. Now that we’ve explored some of the concepts that make up project management, we’re going to take a look at what actually takes place during a project. For this blog, […]

Introducing the Project Management Triangle

The project management triangle, consisting of the three constraints of time, scope and cost, is essential to successful project delivery. In the last blog post we provided an introduction to project management, explaining what it is and why it’s important. Now that you have a basic understanding of what project management is all about, we’re […]

Project Resourcing on a Budget

One of the key obstacles that we come across as Project Managers is delivering projects on time and within budget. This is especially true when project resourcing on a tight budget. In a Project Manager’s ideal world, budget would be limitless. This is utterly unrealistic, of course, and would mean that the project management triangle […]